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Kameron Rosenau

Athletic Accomplishments:

2012 CrossFit Games North Central Regional - 24th Place
Placed 6th in the Team 2011 North Central Qualifiers 
Placed 13th in the 2011 North Central Open Qualifiers 
Placed 7th in the 2010 CrossFit FX TX Games II


Age: 25 | Height: 5'9 | Weight: 170
Location: Oklahoma City, OK | Affiliate: Koda CrossFit


Fran Time: 2:12 • Helen Time: 7:15 • Grace Time: 1:58
Fight Gone Bad: 475 • Filthy Fifty: 17:30
Max Clean & Jerk: 275# • Max Snatch: 210# • Max Deadlift: 505#
Max Back Squat: 400# • Max Pullups: 56
400m run time: :55 • 5K run time: 19:40

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