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Daniel Ikner

Athletic Accomplishments: 

Qualified for the 2015 Crossfit Games in the 16-17 division
Finished 2nd worldwide in the 16-17 division
2nd Place - Intermediate - Shred Fest in Ozark Mountain, Missouri 2015
3rd Place - Mid America Championships in Bentonville, Arkansas 2015


Age:  17 | Height:  5'8 | Weight:  168
Affiliate:  CrossFit Heavy Steel, Owasso, OK


Fran Time:  2:40 | Helen Time:  7:17 | Grace Time:  2:16
Max Clean & Jerk:  260# | Max Snatch:  215#
Max Deadlift:  435# | Max Back Squat:  356#
Max Front Squat:  335# | Max Overhead Squat:  245#
Max Pull-Ups (list strict or kipping):  65 pull ups

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