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RokFit, Inc. - EST. 2010

RokFit, Inc.

RokFit was born by athletes for athletes in Edmond, OK. Our personal sport happens to be CrossFit®, we sweat and bleed along side other CrossFit® athletes, tri-athletes, lifters, skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, bikers and everyone else in between. RokFit uses high quality materials built for athletes and meant to last through your workouts and day to day activities. We strive to give you the best and most up to date fashions, products & materials. We take pride in high quality design work and graphics on every product. Our desire and passion is to provide you clothing and gear to ROK during your training inside or outside of your box, and to show your support for the activities you love! We take our time, care, and much thought into all of our products. Everything is professionally designed, printed and then shipped to your door. Every step of the way, we make sure it's quality.

RokFit's Mission Statement:

RokFit’s mission is to outfit the modern fitness lifestyle. We offer bold, edgy designs that make a statement. We skate, climb, surf and sprint. We squat, jump, throw and lift. We pick up the bar. We outrun lifters and we outlift runners. We are not defined by any one of these things. We are a blend, and we have one common thread.

Read below to meet the crew at RokFit, Inc.!

Jason Greenwood

Founder / Co-Owner / Designer

I have been doing CrossFit® since June 2007 at CrossFit OKC in Edmond, OK, and professionally a graphic designer since 2000. RokFit was created through my passion for the CrossFit® industry, and to fill a void I saw in it. As a CrossFit® member and designer, I want to be able to supply you with comfortable, durable, stylish clothes and accessories to ROK your WODs with!

I grew up using the amount of athletic abilities I had in the world of skateboarding and other extreme sports. My goal is to provide the same vibe of street wear I grew up wearing, meshed into this fitness counter culture we all got hooked on!

Jason Boag


I've been doing CrossFit® since early 2006, and I love it.  It was a dream come true when I opened CrossFit OKC in Edmond, OK in late 2006.  I transitioned out of affiliate ownership in 2016 to dedicate my full time and attention to RokFit. 

Being part of this movement is a huge honor for me and it's very fun to watch it grow. Helping RokFit design gear for CrossFit® Athletes is a another dream come true.  I'm a geek for this stuff and working with Jason Greenwood to bring unique styles and notions to the market is so much fun.  I do CrossFit® every day, and I want my experiences and knowledge about the sport to come out in the designs and function of what we offer.

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